I'm not someone for whom Christmas comes easily. From the first multi million pound advert or the first Christmas song when I'm buying my groceries, I know a two week period is approaching where I'm essentially stuck in Groundhog Day.

Every day is the same, Philip Schofield presenting some weird void filler, Home Alone 2 for the millionth time or some of the 32lb InfiniTurkey you bought this year. For me, the only silver lining is a classic like Some Like it Hot and the fact it's socially acceptable to start drinking when you wake up. Bah humbug indeed.

So it was great for me when Adam suggested the idea of doing something Christmas themed that wasn't totally lame and meant we could do donuts. Fun! The missing element from Christmas for me. Maybe it's because they were so fun as a child. Well, fun was certainly plentiful this Christmas.