MX5 Meister R Club Race coilover racing suspension dampers Mk1 Mk2 Eunos

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MX5 Meister R Club Race coilover racing suspension dampers Mk1 Mk2 Eunos


Please contact us first if you are considering purchasing this item. They are in such high demand that they can be very difficult to get hold of and are regularly out of stock so PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST. Thanks :)

The Club Race is the new replacement for the highly acclaimed Zeta CRD+

The MeisterR ClubRace coilovers are designed to maximise performance with high grip track day tyres. Engineered to reduce body roll, enhance traction, and provide sharp steering response; the ClubRace are designed enthusiast looking to get the best out of their track cars.

Modern high grip track tyres provide great performance, and so suspension also need to be adjusted in order to take advantage of the additional grip. The ClubRace are designed with stiff springs rate (and in certain model helper springs) in order to maximise performance. Sharp steering response, predictable handling, and on track performance are the main focus of the ClubRace Coilovers.

Increase damper shaft diameter:

We increased the damper shaft diameter by 10% to increase strength and side load capacity.

The Club Race will use a 14mm damper shaft on the MX-5 coilovers instead of the industry standard 12.5mm shaft found on many other coilovers.

Radial Adjustable Non-Slip (RAN) collars (UK Patent Pending 1517993.0)

To make adjustment easier as well as distinguish MeisterR from other coilovers, we developed a new and unique RAN collar design are non-slip and will allow much higher torque application.

The new collars are forged, and the new C-spanner that work with the collar are all individually laser cut.

As everything had to work within a very close tolerance for the RAN system to work, it isn't something other manufacturer will do simply due to cost.

This is another MeisterR exclusive with a UK Patent currently pending; you will not see the same collar from any other brands in the world. 

Spring coils isolator:

A new isolator is added to the first coil at the top and the bottom of the springs.

The isolator reduce any possible springs noise as well as help improve durability of the springs.

As well as:

- Robust and expertly machine assembly designed to more than meet up to the expectations of regular fast driving.

- SAE9254 grade steel springs.

- 32 levels of damping adjustment.

- 'Black Chromium' thread coating to prevent corrosion to the threads which many brands suffer from

- Separate height adjustment - adjusting ride height will not affecting spring preload, forgoing the need to alter the damping/rebound to adjust to different ride heights.

- Fits both Mk1 and Mk2 MX5s. Handy eh?

Discount available if you call the office!!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding specification, fitting or setup.

Additional Information

Wheel PCD No
Offset No
Model Mk1 (NA) 89-97, Mk2 (NB) 98-05, Mk2.5 (NB) 02–05
Engine 1.6, 1.8
Transmission Auto, Manual
Postage Price 0.0000
Item Condition 1000

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